Monday, March 18, 2013

Watchlist for March 19, 2013


This was not an easy play. GOFF hit everyones scanners pre market. The volume was clearly indicitating this was going be APS play. However, early speculators got crushed. It had blocks but kept downticking. I bought some at .23 then sold .236 as it was weakening again. Then I bought at .23 on confirmation of They were not letting it uptick it traded at .23-.2301 range for several minutes. I ended up making a pathetic $60 lol. Going long is just not for me. However, Victory Mark emails hit followed by APS sites and this ended up doing really well.


This was the TBX that I barely paid attention to today because I dont consider TBX pumps worth buying on confirmation. I hope they can get this .20+ so I can short like I did on their last pick YFRM. I will just keep this in the corner of my eye until then

no chart.


Looks like this is dying slowly. Looks like I nailed it in my report here

Hard mailer Plays


Looks like crap. They are doing a shitty job pumping this. I will begin to look for shares to short

$SRBL (I am short, looking to short more)

This looks like it is going to slowly fade. I am short about 10k shares. If it goes up some I will likely look to add. If not I'll try and be patient as it drops. Landing page here


I got small fill of 300 shares premarket Friday at 1.15 I covered those shares at 1.08 because I thought this was early. see trade here . Looks like I was right. Mailers hitting on the weekend pushed this up today. I will be looking all week for borrows. Tribeca hit this which makes me even more comfortable trying to short here.

More info on them here I will soon be publishing my research reports there.

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