Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watchlist for March 20, 2013


I am going keep watching let's see what APS and Victory Mark Corp can do double teaming this. However, George Sharp pending lawsuit could be a game changer. Follow him on twitter. Here is the GOFF tweet https://twitter.com/Goniffs/status/314048676647550978


This thing has been really weird. Looked like it was going dump had nice bounce. Today a green day. Really weird. I guess we will see what happens. Maybe this stays up until forward split then game over. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1273191-why-green-innovations-next-big-down-move-is-around-the-corner

Hard mailer Plays


Has been looking like crap. They have not been able to get volume in this until today. Looks like some blocks/wash trading. Got over one. I will be looking for shares to short all week. I don't see much upside in this.

$SRBL (I am short, looking to short more)

Continues to fade. I covered 3k shares today some at .82 .85 .87. Hopefully more fading tomorrow. Landing page here http://srblreport.com/


Nothing has changed here. I will be looking daily for shares to short of this.

More info on them here http://redemptionequityresearch.com/?p=179 I will soon be publishing my research reports there.

Follow Redemption Equity Research on twitter to here https://twitter.com/RedemptionEquit


This has landing page here http://luvereport.com/ . People have been reporting that they are getting calls from a NJ number cold calling them about LUVE. I will continue to watch still early. If they call me I plan on recording it :) lol.


Here is the landing page http://cldsreport.com/. Another one I am continuing to watch. Low volume so far though.


Hope they can pump this higher so its worth a short.

no chart.

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