Sunday, March 3, 2013

Watchlist for March 4, 2013


Do Not be a Penny Stock Moron $SWVI

It looks like APS is sending SWVI emails again. I think SWVI could gap up and have a decent morning before fading again. I expect this to be at .10 or below in a week just like all APS picks end up when they are done with it.


Still Short 3k from .16-.17. Hopefully cover below .05 tomorrow. This was a gimmie. Read my CNCT article here


Looks like my thoughts here were right on the money

I am short 5k shares and I am glad. I wish I was short more. Stock Psycho email over the weekend basically was admitting defeat on ENVS. This should tank more Monday.


I still need to write a blog post about my loss on this one. I cut my loss Thursday for 1.5k loss. I am glad I did. I should of cut it sooner. If I waited until Friday it would have been much bigger lose. Be on the lookout for that blog post that I should have up soon, detailing the lessons I learned from it. Meantime read my article on $GNIN here . GNIN I expect to have a good Monday. I will be looking to reshort this soon. If I get shares tomorrow I may box them.


Easy play is over. I will just watch. May be worth a short later on.


Uncompensated pick by Tribeca Stocks. Something worth watching. Curious to see how this does with mutiple crappy pumpers on it. Low float play.

StockFreak Pump coming 9:30 am est on Monday here is the landing page.


  1. hey great post!

    I was wondering if you could let me know where you were getting the tribeca emails from? I cant track down their websites. Only their official one and there is nothing there for a newsletter.

    I also saw CYIG on aimhigh today