Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Watchlist for March 7, 2013


Elkwood confirmed Monday in chat that Brighton Markets is cold calling people again on GNIN. No surprise it has continue to squeeze. This was ETB at Suretrader and Boursa. Couple guros were short earlier in the week but they cut their loss. However, their followers are newbies and learning the hard way why its dangerous to just hold and hope when trade goes against you. Yes, GNIN is a scam being promoted by boiler room tactics however these things can squeeze and when price action says get out it means get out. This was an over crowded short trade. Here is my blogpost about my recent GNIN loss (I cut my loss but I should of cut it even sooner. Learn)


Do Not be a Penny Stock Moron $SWVI

Started to sell off today. Looks like its cooked. I still think this is below .10 in a week. I am short. I started a little early my avg is about .25


Looking at the past two Victory Mark plays I noticed they tanked on day 6. I wonder if REDG follows the same trend.


I have been trying to short this all week with no luck. This was Stock Freaks pick. They were compensated $100,000.00 in cash compensation from Fry & Grand for the 3 day profile. I will continue to look for shares tomorrow but looks like this will tank without me


This was the sick uncompensated stock play by Tribeca group. Look at it now since day 1. Bag holders unite.


Its official is run by morons lol. After a huge winner what do they do? Take a shitty deal what's new with them? This is why they suck lol

Stock Psycho new play 9:32 am

Check out how I have done on shorting the past two Stock Psycho plays $CNCT


Nice and easy 30% gain and a nice easy 55% gain

Read How I have made 10k Shorting Penny Stocks because Tim's Trading Challenge here

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