Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watchlist for March 8, 2013


Very impressive by the pumpers. If I short I would definitely box those shares. Impressive squeeze. Glad I cut my loss when I did. Here is my blogpost about my recent GNIN loss (I cut my loss but I should of cut it even sooner. Learn)


I had class this morning. 9:30am class I had a test so I put in short orders for $SMAK before class. After I got out of class I got 9k shares filled at .19. As I expected this to gap and crap. It's good to understand certain pumpers and their past plays. I was not scared of this going super against me because these pumpers dont have that kind of juice in their lists. I even covered some on my drive home from my blackberry. No excuses this was a gimmie and IB had plenty of shares. I made about $500. You got to love trading. As usual I covered way to soon..


Do Not be a Penny Stock Moron $SWVI

WDCO defended .17 hard today no surprise that it closed decently. Hopefully sells off below .17 tomorrow. Still in a week this should be below .10


Day 6 has been the death days for the past 3 Victory Mark Corp picks. $PBCW $VUME and now $REDG


Still have not been able to find shares to short:(


Tribeca is run by fools. Through the list under the bus again after nice uncompensated pump. Was ETB at certain brokers but not IB unfortunately so I missed out


This was the new Stock Psycho play. Michael Goode made 17k buying this at 9:32 right at confirmation and selling 5 minutes later. That is how its done. Impressive. This probably gaps then craps.


  1. what you think about shorting TEWI after the gap tomorrow if we can find shares?

    1. Going be hard to find shares. Its a pain because its such a low priced stock. Idk if its worth it. Just remember there is a high risk of getting squeezed. It's your call. I would take the shares at IB because I know I will be able to hold for some days. Suretrader I hear has quick buy ins. I guess we'll see how it trades tomorrow. I am hoping it does well so I can have a shot to short higher.