Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who is the Stock Freak? was actively spending a good amount of $ in December-Jan on google ads. That is how I first noticed them. Recently they sent out an email touting a new pick Monday 9:30am est here is the landing page . Let's take a closer look at who they really are.

First I took a look at the domain details. We see the domain was registered Dec 7 and last updated Dec 11

Then I went and looked at other websites hosted on that server and thats when the connections fall into place

We see that and is also hosted on that server.

Let's then look at the bottom of each of their emails

Stock Freak



Lets Take a look at some past StockPublisher Pumps


Pumped 2/25/13 They were not compensated


Pumped Feb 11, 2013 they were compensated 55,000. Big Dump.


Pumped Feb 4, 2013 compensated 109,000 by Grand Jolly Limited. First day on the chart.


Pumped Jan 2, 2013 they were compensated 55,000 by La Jolla IPO. First big volume green day is the day they pumped it.


This StockFreak pump will be interesting to watch. StockFreak during Dec-Jan remained on top of most google ads pertaining to penny stocks. They must have a decently fresh list. It will be interesting to see if they just let it get run over on the first pump or actually protect it with good picks. Looking at past Stock Publisher picks it seems like a good idea to short day one on a compensated pick into a big spike. However, StockFreak list is the wild card. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a low float uncompensated pick to get StockFreak a winner. Either way I will be short biased.

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