Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Watchlist for April 10, 2013


This is a stock promotion done by smallcapfortunes/capital financial media . This is the best stock promotion they have ran in years. I covered my small short position last Friday morning. The weakness was due to this Aquaresearch report http://seekingalpha.com/article/1322751-why-lot78-stock-is-likely-to-collapse?source=yahoo . Been sideways the past two days. Maybe they are having trouble getting in suckers after the Aquaresearch article or they are sucking in shorts. I'm sure by the end of the week we will find out. Hopefully I can reshort. See my trade here http://profit.ly/1MnRk6?aff=1559 Read my report on $LOTE here http://redemptionequityresearch.com/lot78-inc-why-this-70000000-company-could-fall-by-50-or-more/


What an impressive comeback. Still going. I would still love to short and will be looking daily for borrows. For those who dont know whats going on. Tobin Smith hardmailers are hitting again.

Read my article that was published in Jan about PSON here http://seekingalpha.com/article/1135531-petrosonic-energy-inc-set-up-to-enrich-insiders-while-burning-naive-investors


Was unable to find shares it started showing weakness today. Looks like game over.


Looks like its game over. I was short 2.1k shares of $GOFF from .57 covered at .45 lol (early like usual.


Pump page here http://norxreport.com/. 675k Emailer Budget. Covered some at the lows today. Still short 4k shares. Easy trade.


Repump. I'd love to short. IB had no shares today. I think its worth a long term short position.


Shorted some today at $1.35. I will try and be patient on it. If it breaks out to new highs I will box to reduce risk. Pump page herewww.cldsreport.com


The thing just keeps on giving. Every crappy stock promotion leads to small gap up then sell off. I shorted 6k more this morning around .37 then covered into weakness.


Confirmed hard mailer out there. Like I said yesterday these dont work out to good when there is so many people in on day 1. Early players got killed this morning. It looked like they shook everyone out. Might get back on track tomorrow, we shall see. Michael Goode has a good blog post on it here http://www.goodetrades.com/2013/04/stratex-oil-gas-holdings-sttx-pump-and-dump/


Everyone speculating this going be the New SMA pick. I am not that excited for this SMA pick because last 2 were so crappy. Im more excited to short. I may long and sell quick on confirmation. Here was the SMA teaser sent today http://pennystockwizard.com/twitter00052/.


Crappy pumper out on it. Low volume probably not worth it. However, if they can get it up a bunch on decent volume might be worth a short.

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