Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watchlist for April 17, 2013


No surprise its making another move up after holding up for so long. This is going end up being a slam dunk short in the 2's hopefully.

Read my report on $LOTE here http://redemptionequityresearch.com/lot78-inc-why-this-70000000-company-could-fall-by-50-or-more/


Refuses to die lol. Looks like game over then bam back over 1.10 then closed weak today. I was looking for shares today but didnt find any. Hopefully get another shot to short above 1.10.


This is reminding people of $DIMI. I will continue to watch. This will eventually be a good short.


Former pump that has had an insane move back from the dead recently. I shorted 500 shares at $1.51 today. Today was the first red day. I expect more dropping however this isnt the perfect short. I do not know what caused the recent run up. I do not like shorting something if I do not know whats going on. I shorted small because of that. I shorted because it was a former pump and dump.


Another one that refuses to die. BrightonMarkets sent more emails this morning. Borrow costs are to high on this for a long term short in my opinion. I got my eye on better plays.


Took a long term short position in this. I will try and be patient with it.


Pump page here http://norxreport.com/. 675k Emailer Budget. I am short 5k at .51 .


I am short at avg of .37. I think there is some downside here. Not a perfect short. Borrow costs low I am willing to be patient with it. I wouldnt be surprised to see some crappy pumpers get paid on this soon then a move lower.

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