Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Watchlist for April 18, 2013


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. LOTE has been their best pump in years. No surprise its making another move up after holding up for so long. I am hoping to find shares to short. I will be looking daily.

Read my report on $LOTE here


Worth a long term short position here. Mailers look to still be hitting.


I am looking to get a starters short position in this mailer pump.


Ended up covering my 500 shares to soon lol.


Took a long term short position in this. I will try and be patient with it. Got buy in notice for 5k shares. I held them. Hopefully IB can locate those shares tomorrow or I will get a buy in :(. I hope not because this probably goes below .20 in a week. Started to panic sell a little towards close because of the $BOPT Halt.


This was halted today. Read my report about $BOPT here

What a Dump


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. I am short 5k at .51 . Here is Promotionstocksecrets report on NORX


I covered my position into weakness today. Had to open up Margin for better plays like $LOTE.

Stock Psycho most likely uncompensated sub penny alert tomorrow at the open

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