Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watchlist for April 19, 2013


Made $420 bucks today shorting this. See how I have made about 2k in profits shorting $MSSD the past month

MSSD Trades


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. LOTE has been their best pump in years. I am looking for shares to short daily. No luck today but I will continue to look.

Read my report on $LOTE here


Nothings changed here still worth a long term short position here. Mailers look to still be hitting.


I am looking to get a starters short position in this mailer pump. Tried for shares today no luck. I will continue to watch.


I was short 500 shares from $1.51 embarrassed I covered in the $1.20's also pissed I didnt get more shares when I had the chance. Missed opportunity.


Got 5k shares bought in today which sucks. Small loss on those shares. Still short 4.5k shares that I will be patient with and try cover below .20.


This is headed to the grey sheets. Read my report about $BOPT here

What a Dump


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. I am short 5k at .51. I'd like to add if I can higher. Here is Promotionstocksecrets report on NORX


Uncompensated Stock Psycho pump. I guess we shall see if they keep pumping tomorrow.

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