Sunday, April 21, 2013

Watchlist for April 22, 2013


Made another $120 bucks shorting Friday. See how I have made over 2k in profits shorting $MSSD the past month

MSSD Trades


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. LOTE has been their best pump in years. I am looking for shares to short daily. This will likely tank very soon. No luck Friday but I will continue to look.

Read my report on $LOTE here


Nothings changed here still worth a long term short position here imo.


I am looking to get a starters short position in this mailer pump. Tried for shares Friday no luck. I will continue to watch. If shares open up I will take them then decide whether to box or not. Most likely wont box.


Still short 4.5k shares that I will continue to try and be patient with. I am looking to try cover below .20. Friday started to drop some hopefully continues to drop Monday.


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. I am short 5k at .51. I'd like to add if I can higher. Here is Promotionstocksecrets report on NORX I don't see this having much more upside. They seem content with dumping shares around these levels.


Uncompensated Stock Psycho pump. If you want to learn how to trade these check out these trades below. Only good play is to buy and try get first fills or try and short into a huge spike.


This is headed to the grey sheets. Read my report about $BOPT here

What a Dump


This is an interesting pump. Crappy Pumpers were compensated 35k to go out on this over the weekend. "Monster Trading Alerts has been compensated thirty five thousand dollars." However we also have crappy pumpers going out on it for free " has not been compensated by a third party for this particular newsletter regarding the mentioning and advertising of OLIE. " What does that tell me? It could be they know of a hard mailer coming out and maybe they were paid to be leadoff hitters for the promotion. This is what happened on $LOTE crappy pumpers got paid first to lead off. Then volume dried up a bit then bam picked back up as hard mailers started to hit. This could also just be promoter friends going out as a favor to the other for free. We shall see what happens. Keep in mind there is 96,000,000 shares outstanding and thats its current market cap because it trades at $1. Pretty high already. I will def be interested in shorting this eventually. Friday there was unusual action on it(promoters who have first hand knowledge of promo coming, frontrunning?). I will be watching. \


I had people attack me on twitter for posting the landing page They attack me because the more front runners there is on day 1 the worse the promo will do because deal guys will sell their shares and there will be more shares in traders hands (they are less in control). I however, dont care about how a promo does. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what the reason for the volume was. I rarely ever buy promo junk. I will def be looking to short eventually. I will be watching closely.


Looks like George Sharp is about to attack again

" is a web property owned by Tribeca Investments Ltd. Tribeca Investments., Ltd. has been compensated up to $55,000 for the release of this email on GROC by a third party - Winning Media"

"SuperNovaStockPicks has agreed to be compensated fifteen thousand dollars for a one day public awareness marketing campaign for GROC from the third party Allan James Group, LLC"

Crappy pumpers out on it. I will def be looking to short with George Sharp PR that will most likely hit Monday. IB has total 200 shares right now so I basically will be left out of this one. Goodluck maybe suretrader or other brokers will have borrows.

CLDS Pump thats been going on for sometime now. It looked like $1.00 would finally crack but held Monday. I would def love for this to bounce so I can establish a long term short position into that bounce. This will likely crack $1 eventually for an easy short.

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