Monday, April 22, 2013

Watchlist for April 23, 2012


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. LOTE has been their best pump in years. There has not been borrows of LOTE at interactive brokers in a while. I have been looking daily. This will likely tank very soon. Hopefully it wont tank without me. I will continue to look for shares to short. This going be a slam dunk short very soon. Sometimes you got be early because borrows are hard to come by.

Read my report on $LOTE here


Nothings changed here still worth a long term short position here imo.


I am looking to get a starters short position in this mailer pump. No luck finding shares today. I will continue to watch. If shares open up I will take them then decide whether to box or not. Most likely wont box.


Covered my remaining 4.5k shares today for +438. To bad I got 5k shares bought in last week or it would of been a 1k gain.


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. Got buy in warning for all my shares so I covered today. I will be looking daily to try and reshort.


This is headed to the grey sheets. Read my report about $BOPT here

What a Dump


This is an interesting pump. Crappy Pumpers were compensated 35k to go out on this over the weekend. "Monster Trading Alerts has been compensated thirty five thousand dollars." However we also have crappy pumpers going out on it for free " has not been compensated by a third party for this particular newsletter regarding the mentioning and advertising of OLIE." It is always interesting when crappy pumpers get compensated on higher priced stocks. Down 30% today lol. I guess someone was just trying to liquidate what he could. However, watch out for a bounce back on low volume, that could be a sign of future pumping to come imo. " \


To many front runners on day 1. I doubt this will do any good. I will continue to watch going be a good short eventually.


It was ETB at Suretrader today. That was a gimmie short considering the deal guys now knows George Sharp pr could kill this any moment, they are going to try and sell as much paper as they can before then. George Sharp PR could hit tomorrow.

CLDS Finally cracked $1 and dumped nicely. Congrats to whoever was short. I guess I wish I could have these shares back . I need to be more patient, I think I'll be better at it when I have more funds so I dont got worry about margin requirements because $2.50 rule.

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