Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Watchlist for April 25, 2013


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. LOTE has been their best pump in years. What a wasted pump! No shares to borrow anywhere. Crazy bounce from the lows today. $1 bounce. I will continue to try and find shares to short. This will continue to dump.

Read my report on $LOTE here

CLDS Finally cracked $1 and dumped nicely. Today it bounced nicely. Not a surprise considering my friend got a mailer yesterday. Looks like mailers rehitting. Give me another chance to bank on a short. I will be looking for shares.


Looks like another pump and dump wasted. I will continue to look for shares to short of this.


Continues to die can I have these shares back?


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. Starting to look good. I would love to short into some strength. I still dont think this has much upside.


Been straight down since crappy pumpers out on it. No borrow no cry. \


Looks like its back on track. However, I dont see this being a killer promo with all those people in since day 1. Plus its approaching summertime where pumps do worse. I will continue to watch for potential short. Hopefully they can pump this up some more.


Lesson to take out of this is, whenever George Sharp threatens to issue a PR on a pump and dump like GROC. Short and wait a couple days before covering. Why? Because the deal guys are going try and sell all their paper while they can before George Sharp kills their chance of doing soo. Its no surprise that GROC has been straight down since the promotion.


I would love to short now considering crappy pumpers are starting to get paid to go out on AGIN. " Stock Appeal LLC has been compensated up to $20,000 USD for increased public awareness of AGIN by a IVC LLC"


I'd like to short into some strength if they can get any volume into this pump. "PennyStockPros is owned and operated by Global Marketing Media LLC. Global Marketing Media LLC has been compensated fifty thousand dollars for a two day marketing and promotional effort on SOLX by Emerging Media Group"

Tribeca has a pick tomorrow priced at .05 wonder if it will be uncompensated or compensated pump. Something worth watching

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