Monday, April 29, 2013

Watchlist for April 30, 2013


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. This is by far one of the most impressive pumps I have ever witnessed. Reminds people of $LEXG. Read my report here . It seems like some Market Maker got crushed. Maybe the short squeeze is finally over as this dropped $3 bucks from its high into the close. I was able to get 100 shares short at $11.51. To bad I didn't get more filled. I see a big red day coming tomorrow. We shall see this thing has been widely unpredictable. Insane pump. Nate of investorslive always gives some good comentary on plays like these so follow him on twitter There was also a very good TheStreet article that came out today on $LOTE

CLDS I shorted 6k of this premarket. Longer term short. CLDS had a nice day today. However, 1-2 weeks I believe it will be under .80. I'll look to avg up.


Shorted 600 shares today. Don't have much $ left, tied up in other positions like $AGIN,$LOTE, $CLDS, $NORX


Pump page here I reshorted this Friday and covered today to free up $. I didn't get more $LOTE because I didnt have more funds avaiable :(. So I covered this just in case $LOTE shares opened up again which they did not :(


Almost over a buck. I'd like to work into a short a little higher. Let's see if they can pump this higher.


I shorted 10k shares at .77 today. Crappy pumpers got compensated couple days ago to repump this. I believe by end of the week this will be in .60's or below.


Stock Freak repump. Disclaimer says for 3 day profile so hopefully some emails in the morning. Hopefully a small gap up and strength for a potential short.


Massive volume the past two trading days. Now Victory Mark has new pump at 9:30 am which will most likely be this. What is funny is that APS send out emails saying new pick very soon. This way gets people thinking they too will come out with $TALK down the line, but who knows. If I do trade Victory Mark Corp pick I will be in and out quick. Do not hold praying APS will come out later down the line. People thinking this will end up being like $GWBU. Who knows I doubt it because during the $GWBU days APS promos were doing a lot better.


New hard mailer play that I will look to short down the line. Thank Michael for this post(how I found out about it)

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