Thursday, April 4, 2013

Watchlist for April 5, 2013


This is a stock promotion done by smallcapfortunes/capital financial media . This is the best stock promotion they have ran in years. Been going sideways a little bit past couple days. $1.60 is a key level that has held on dips. Make sure to follow Aquaresearch he announced today that he submitted his article. I unboxed when I saw that. I am short 2k at $1.74. My guess is Aquaresearch got shares same day as I did when it opened up at Interactive Brokers. Be on the lookout for that report. I don't see $LOTE lasting much longer. I will be looking to add to my position. Read my report on $LOTE here

I am working on a revised version for SeekingAlpha. Looks like Aquaresearch beat me to the punch. Look forward to reading their report.


This was the new Stock Psycho Pump. More info here . I am short 5k shares overnight. I made $50 shorting it today lol.


The amount of plays out there have been slowing down. This might be worth a long term short here. The patent expired lol. Some shares opened up today but Michael Goode beat me to it while he was doing his webinar lol. Damn you Michael!


Mailer pump Some shares opened up today but I didnt get them. I will be continuing to look for shares. If this ends up breaking out I'd probably box to limit risk.


Emails coming out again on GNIN. "Ready for round 3" hopefully has a decent bounce left in it to short into.


APS and Victory Mark pump and dump they are teaming up on. Hopefully goes higher so worth shorting.

SMA has a new pick coming soon.

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