Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watchlist for April 8, 2013


This is a stock promotion done by smallcapfortunes/capital financial media . This is the best stock promotion they have ran in years. I covered my small short position Friday morning. The weakness was due to this Aquaresearch report . Key level of 1.60 held as they supported it. They are supporting for a reason. Hopefully I can reshort sometime this week. See my trade here Read my report on $LOTE here


Worth a long term short here. Mailers dropping again. A guy messaged me on seekingalpha thanking me for this article He also told me he received a Tobin Smith hardmailer Friday. Budget 3 million. I asked him to scan and email it to me. Still waiting for that I will post on twitter if he ever sends it. Funny that their patent expired lol.


Mailer pump Looking to establish a long term short position if I can find shares. I would box if it starts to break out which I doubt is likely.


Hoping there is more in this bounce so I can try to short in the 1.20-1.40 price range. Each bounce has been weaker. This is near gameover in my opinion.


APS and Victory Mark pump and dump they are teaming up on. Hopefully goes higher so worth shorting. Please dont be a sucker though and end up investing in this pump and dump.


Pump page here I got 2k shares short Friday. I wish I got more and will be looking to add if any shares open up.


Repump. I'd love to short. Hopefully IB finds some shares. " is a web property owned by Tribeca Investments Ltd. Tribeca Investments., Ltd. has been compensated up to $70,000 for the release of this email on SOLS by a third party - Winning Media."


More crappy pumpers. Been beaten up. Hopefully has some bounce in it to make it worth shorting. We shall see.

SMA has a new pick coming soon.

Stock Psycho Pick Monday morning.

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