Monday, April 8, 2013

Watchlist for April 9, 2013


This is a stock promotion done by smallcapfortunes/capital financial media . This is the best stock promotion they have ran in years. I covered my small short position last Friday morning. The weakness was due to this Aquaresearch report . Key level of 1.60 held again today as they supported it. They are supporting for a reason. Hopefully I can reshort sometime this week. See my trade here Read my report on $LOTE here


Mailers rehitting. Very rare do you see a stock pump and dumped then make a comeback to break out to new highs. Very weird. I would still like to get a short position in this.


Nice bounce so far. I will try and get a starters position soon if shares open up. Emails continue to drop. They have pumped this a long time. Very surprising to me.


APS and Victory Mark pump and dump they are teaming up on. I got a starters short position in this today. Only 2.1k shares so I am willing to be patient with that position. Probably going have to risk some pain with it. Hopefully no buy ins before the collapse.


Pump page here 675k Emailer Budget. I don't think this will do well. I got another 4k shares short today. I have 6k shares short. I will try and be patient. We shall see how that goes.


Repump. I'd love to short. IB had no shares today. " is a web property owned by Tribeca Investments Ltd. Tribeca Investments., Ltd. has been compensated up to $70,000 for the release of this email on SOLS by a third party - Winning Media." Repump that I think is worth a longterm short.


This trade worked out perfectly right off last night's watchlist. I shorted about 6.5k shares this morning at .41 covered half at .35 . Holding other half over night. Hopefully cover into morning drop. However, some more crappy pumpers on it tonight. Might short some more into morning strength. Seems like every time it gets promo'd does well first 5 minutes then sells off. Insiders just keep dumping. MSSD just keeps on giving lol. Funny that this has ties to the APS crew and market maker VNDM seems like the one selling paper.


Confirmed hard mailer out there. However, these plays dont work out to well when there is so many people in it on day 1. Tim Sykes bought today and his followers followed. I will continue to watch for potential short down the line. Hope it can still do decent. Michael Goode has a good blog post on it here


Compensated Stock Psycho pick probably drops more tomorrow. More info go here.

SMA Pick coming sometimes this week

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  1. I got cught on the down wit GOFF. Still trying to find a way to avoid these mid breakers somehow. Thanks for the tips.
    Susan C.