Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Importance of Following George Sharp on Twitter. $XUII Debacle Today was an Easy Short Opportunity.

If you are not following George Sharp on twitter yet make sure to do so here

George Sharp spelled it out for everyone last night that he was suing $XUII (see tweet below.)


For those who couldnt find the case number, I even did the work for you by tweeting this out. Make sure to follow me here


Today George Sharp even tweeted out 15 minutes before the PR even hit, so if you held on and lost money or lost profits that is on you.

Looks like those tweets were deleted. However, when I saw those tweets I shorted 10k shares of $XUII at Suretrader because it was easy to borrow. I ended up making about $600-650 I post that trade tonight on profit.ly http://profit.ly/user/StockRealist?aff=1559. I would of shorted more but I couldnt because I have a small Suretrader account that I recently just opened already up from 3,350 to 5,700 in a week and a half. I am short 2.5k shares overnight that I shorted at .34. I will be looking to cover into hopefully a morning panic we shall see. Take a look below the effect a PR like that can have. Make sure your aware of when PR's like that hit, because they create Opportunity

Also becareful with $XUII moving forward because George Sharp mentioned he got a call from Finra and from same guy he got call from before $BOPT halt

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