Sunday, May 12, 2013

Watchlist for May 13, 2013


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. This is by far one of the most impressive pumps I have ever witnessed. Amazing how its still holding up. Read my report here . It seems like some Market Maker got crushed. Here is a great read speculation though I made money shorting it once see here This eventually when the market maker unwinds his short finally will collapse. Only a matter of time.


Brighton Market Emails continue to roll out, finally hit my inbox this weekend. Hopefully this can keep going. These are some impressive pumpers. Scared to short their plays. Better to be late then sorry with these guys.


Looking to get a small starters position in this. Impressive pump so far.

NORX Pump that done better then I anticipated. Friday action beginning of the end? We shall see.


Tribeca was compensated 30k for their weekend emails on $SRBL. This probably drops some more. If there is shares open tomorrow I might take some.


Victory Mark Corp pick that has held up nicely. APS emails drop tomorrow morning. If this is the pick it will do well if not I think this will sell off. I am short some shares.


" has been compensated $15,000.00 by a third party on 05-13-2013 for this one-day profile of FEEL" Might be worth a short if there is a decent gap up.


Love to find shares to short of this. Did fairly well but most likely will collapse big this week. Hoping that IB will find some borrows for me so I can short it.


This one people are speculating will be the Awesomepennystocks picks. If it is, it will do well. If it is not the pick I'll be looking to short because it will sell off fast.

Monday Morning Pumps

Awesomepennystocks releasing their pick Monday Morning (crappy pumpers look like they will be riding APS coattails

Stock Psycho most likely compensated pump in the morning at 9:30am maybe worth a short. I made $500 shorting their last pick see or they just going to piggyback off APS and release their pick.


  1. Stock Psycho's pump is likely uncompensated piggybacking of the APS pump, which is being released to their premium list at 9:30am (but is likely easily identifiable in premarket due to trading high volume then).

    1. Yea I was not thinking. That is most likely the case. Good pick up. Thanks.