Monday, May 13, 2013

Watchlist for May 14, 2013


This had big premarket volume. It was obvious this was going be the pick. I lost $600 on this. I covered premarket from a short I had from last week. Watch my video to see why I deserved the loss. See my trade here


This is one that everyone last week was speculating was going to be the new awesomepennystocks pick. During premarket it was evident that $XUII was going to be the pick. I shorted right off the bat because I knew $ACCS was going to tank. Watch video below to see why I shorted exactly. See my trade here


" has been compensated $15,000.00 by a third party on 05-13-2013 for this one-day profile of FEEL" Might be worth a short if there is a decent gap up." I shorted the morning gap up. I shorted 40k shares at .025 and of course lost patience and covered at .024. Terrible cover $FEEL ended up closing at .0125. Left easy $400 on the table.


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. This is by far one of the most impressive pumps I have ever witnessed. Amazing how its still holding up. Read my report here . It seems like some Market Maker got crushed. Here is a great read speculation though I made money shorting it once see here Its obvious the market maker still unwinding his short. This is crazy.


Brighton Market Emails continue to roll out. Another one of my email addresses just got first emails after the close. The pumpers behind this one are pros. Scared to short their plays. Better to be late then sorry with these guys.


Impressive pump so far. I am short 1k shares so far. I will be looking to add to my short.


This has done surprisingly well for a bestdamnpennystocks pick. I will be looking for shares to short of this daily.

NORX When will this eventually dump? Amazing how pumps have been holding up lately and doing well


Tribeca was compensated 30k for their weekend emails on $SRBL. This probably drops some more this week. If there is shares open tomorrow I might take some.


Stock Psycho compensated Pump and dump. Probably continues lower.


"JoePennyStocks has been compensated $15,000.00 by StockMister LLC for a one day Awareness Campaign on OLIE." I will be looking for shares to short


  1. Hello there fellow trader,

    Just had a quick question? where do you go to find out about these promotions? like is there a specific website you use?

  2. no I am just signed up to all the pumpers free websites.