Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watchlist for May 16, 2013


This has been back and forth. It will be amazing if APS could really still get this to go up after the two George Sharp PR's out there. Be sure to read this blogpost about $XUII here. Also go to my here to check out all my $XUII trades.


Started to Drop today. Is this finally the beginning of the end? Read my report here . Maybe the MM's that are short finally unwinded their short positions.


What a wasted pump. Tanked really fast like all Brighton Market picks when they dump. Not many shares out there to short. Sucks.


Embarrassed by my cover There also was not many shares out there to short of this. Another wasted Pump. $TALK and $WSGP most beautiful dumps recently.


IB has not gotten any shares to borrow. Another missed dump. I will still continue to search for shares.


With some crappy pumpers getting compensated on this recently. I am looking for shares for a longer term short. Think this goes lower very soon.


This was the last Stock Psycho compensated Pump and dump. Stock Psycho has new pump coming out tomorrow morning. Sub penny hopefully their will be shares to short.


Tribeca New Compensated Pump. Not etb at Suretrader unfortunately. Something worth watching tomorrow.


Michael Goode tweeted out that someone in chat got a Tobin Smith Hardmailer today on $BMIX 1.6 million dollar budget.


My most embarrassing trade here I shorted 20k shares this morning at .0685 and covered at .052. I covered to early again smh.


  1. No shame in covering these crappy pumps early man, trust me. Just look at what happened to me in $ITXN when I tried to be patient haha. Better to take profits along the way and leave money on the table than get caught in a squeeze if you ask me. Good traders leave money on the table, never forget that

    1. Thanks man. Yea I always trade scared of something like that. Your right just tough to see all the money left on the table sometimes. Sick trade on $XUII by the way. Congrats

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