Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Watchlist for May 2, 2013


Smallcapfortunes pump and dump. This is by far one of the most impressive pumps I have ever witnessed. Amazing how its still holding up. Read my report here . It seems like some Market Maker got crushed. Here is a great read speculation though I was able to get 100 shares short at $11.51. I covered Tuesday see my trade here To bad I didn't get more filled. I am still looking to reshort as this probably collapses really soon. There was also a very good TheStreet article that is a good read on $LOTE check it out here

CLDS I am still short 6k from .99 . Longer term short. CLDS had a morning drop but $1.00 held and it bounced back a bit. I still believe this in 1-2 weeks will be below $1.00. As you can see that PERT big bid was propping this up today on the bounce.


I am short 600 shares from 1.30. Seems interest is dropping on this one.


A little drop on this one. Held up though. Do not know what to make of it. Doing better then I expected.


Over a buck will continue to watch closely. Couple more up days and I will be interested in getting a starters short position in this.


I covered my remaining shares of AGIN today for total of about 1.4k total from my short. Boy I love these type of plays.


Strong volume still and doing well. This has to be the GNIN crew or maybe HacktheStockMarket imo. Some speculate possible APS pick too. Who knows but congrats for those who had the balls to play it long. I will continue to watch closely.


New hard mailer play that I will look to short down the line. Thank Michael for this post(how I found out about it)


The new Victory Mark pick that did well today. I do not know of anyone who got early fills today on this. Wasted pump. I will be looking to short in the upcoming days.


People speculating future promo with this one. Nice breakout and pick up in volume. One to put on watch.

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