Sunday, June 9, 2013

Watchlist for June 10, 2013


Is the short squeeze finally over? Finding shares to borrow will be tough but I will continue to look. They initiated a 4:1 forward split resulting in 229,812,552 shares outstanding. Current Market Cap of $944,529,589. LOTED is the most amazing pump I have ever seen. Read my report here on why I think this will eventually come back to reality.


Another very impressive pump. However was unable to find shares when I wanted them :(. Let's see if this bounces this week. I'd like to try and short into a bounce or a break of $1.00. Pump page here

XUII won't call it quits already. So annoying. I can't see them being able to rip this one back up. Everyone at this point has to know its a scam with all the George Sharp Pr's and Michael Goode great seekingalpha article I will be looking to short soon.


CNTO $300k hard mailer low volume may be worth a long term short position. I will continue to look for shares.


NHUR pump details here. This also has been a very impressive pump. I see NHUR ads everytime I log into facebook. I am hoping this can bounce a little more to short into. May be nearing the end.


TQLA pump details here. I will continue to watch for a potential short. Low volume so far. Will be watching to see if volume ever starts picking up scared to short until then.


Add Global Marketing Media to the list of crappy pumpers that have now gone out on RJDG. This is the bullexchange pump. I will be looking for shares to short and will take them when I can find them. No familar with their place go to

Stock Psycho Pump tomorrow 9:30am

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