Monday, June 10, 2013

Watchlist for June 11, 2013


Is the short squeeze finally over? Finding shares to borrow will be tough but I will continue to look. They initiated a 4:1 forward split resulting in 229,812,552 shares outstanding. Current Market Cap of $944,529,589. LOTED is the most amazing pump I have ever seen. Read my report here on why I think this will eventually come back to reality.


I'd like to try and short into a bounce or a break of $1.00. I expect a bounce. Pump page here


I guess I should of shorted last week when I had the chance. I did short when shares became available today. I will try and be patient because when its all said and done this will be below .10 like every other APS pick. Good read- Michael Goode great seekingalpha article I will be looking to short soon.


CNTO $300k hard mailer low volume may be worth a long term short position. I will continue to look for shares.


NHUR pump details here. I will continue to watch hopefully bounces some more and shares become available.


TQLA pump details here. I will continue to watch for a potential short. Low volume so far. Will be watching to see if volume ever starts picking up scared to short until then. Beacon Equity pumped this tonight lol. They were not compensated but own 30,000 shares at .80. Pumper has some faith in the pick to be releasing and to own some. I guess we shall see how it does.


I would love to find borrows of this. So many crappy pumpers on it. Stock Psycho joined the party this morning. This is a TBX pump go here to see their past plays. I will continue to look for shares but looks like its going be no borrow no cry.


Man I missed this completely. Luckily Michael Goode alerted in chat and shorted some and of course covered really soon bc I didnt know much behind it. Covered for $42 profits when I could of made $400 if I was on the ball and knew this was a fake mailer pump(predictable collapse). Im just getting back into the swing of things. Missed opportunity. Go here to learn more about YPPN fake pump details.


Another fake promotion that has completely tanked. Some crappy pumpers paid to go out on it recently. I will look for borrow even though its already down so much. Probably tanks more we shall see.


Supposively a 2,000,000 dollar mailer budget. I will continue to monitor it for a potential short down the line. See pump details


With this getting Halted by the SEC today its time to be more aggressive shorting these mailer plays. Looking for shares of $OCTX now too. read about halt here


A lot of promoters have gone out on this. Get pump details here. All uncompensated which is strange. Def worth watching.

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