Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watchlist for June 13, 2013


Annoying. To bad I only covered 3.5k shares of my 12k short yesterday. Today XUII was squeezing shorts. APS was sending out emails this morning. Victory Mark hit after the close. This probably squeezes more to bad no one is allowed to short at IB because I would love to add to my short. Im be patient. I remember that $GOFF did the same thing. APS didnt send out emails for a day everyone thought it was done. Then they squeezed it for a decent bounce before absolutely tanking. Think by end of next week we are near or below .10.


Net Short 1k shares now. I unboxed near the close today. If needed I'll rebox in the morning. This was the first red day. 2.75 was the support today. The day before that 2.62. If breaks below those levels then the real panic will set in imo. The volume has been unreal.


Officially in dump mode. To bad very few were able to find shares. What a waste! Read my report here


Perfect play Tuesday as it broke below $1.00. To bad I was an idiot and didnt notice it was ETB at Suretrader. Kroyrunner banked like always lol. Congrats. Missed opportunity. Here is pump page for those unaware


CNTO $300k hard mailer low volume may be worth a long term short position. I will continue to look for shares.


NHUR pump details here. I will continue to watch. Break below $1 could be the end of this like $NORX.


TQLA pump details here. I will continue to watch for a potential short. Low volume so far. Pumps seems not be working.


Wish I was more aggressive with this one. What a crappy pump from TBX but should of been expected with all the other crappy promoters that got paid to go out on RJDG lol


Compensated pump by Global Marketing Media that did decent today. If there is any shares in the morning I'd take them


Supposively a 2,000,000 dollar mailer budget. I will continue to monitor it for a potential short down the line. See pump details

Any one looking to have a standing desk pretty good article here on how to build one cheap . I'm going give it a try because sitting down all day is killing me lately.

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