Thursday, June 20, 2013

Watchlist for June 21, 2013


Today was a weird day. I set my alarm for 7 am est. It goes off I turn it off of course I dont get up and fall back asleep and dont wake up until 9:30 am. By then VM emails hit and I was late to the party to go long. So I am beating myself up about that. Then I see it's ETB at Suretrader so I think to myself I my still get a chance to make money. I knew this would sell off into close with everyone thinking Sharp PR coming soon. However Sharp tweeted in the day that he was going wait off.

So I take moments away from computer so I dont tempt myself to cover LOTED to early like I usually always do lol. I had price alert on ACCS so I would be alerted on it when its nearing red. I watch it go red and dont make a move smh. I end up shorting 30k at .107. Thinking .10 would crack and more droppage. One test of .10 and it holds. Two test on .10 and it holds. I cover 20k getting a little worried. Then third test crack and game over. I end up covering last 10k at .065 as it kept going lower. Just insane. I'm not the only one that messed up pretty bad. Two really great traders did too. Can't win them all

Later in the day I realized I made $900 shorting it in May because everyone was speculating this was going be APS pick but then APS went out on $XUII so I shorted $ACCS and banked see my video lesson here

For next time I will be watching like a hawk all day if its ETB. New rule if APS or VM go red on the day on day 1 of the pump be AGGRESSIVE.I only made $400 shorting it today.

This photo cheered me up a little. You cant help but laugh


So annoying. Im still short 8.5k shares from .185. Starting upticking into the close. Figured it would tank today bc new Victory Mark pick I was wrong. This one is really testing my patience. If your a newbie read Michael Goode great $XUII report here.


Finally found shares yesterday. Pretty much got the shares Tim Sykes covered around .85. Of course I covered to soon today. Read my report here


NHUR pump details here. Shorted and made money but again was not very patient see trade here


Have not been able to find shares of this to short. I will continue to try. Game over for this? We shall see tomorrow.


TQLA pump details here. Volume picking up. Hopefully some acceleration next week to short into

PSON really hurt. I shorted at avg 1.25 and covered avg 1.26 because they were supporting it see trade here lost $26. Then I leave for a little come back to see this article exposing Tobin Smith promoter behind PSON The thing tanked into the close and the next day dropped even more. I shorted next morning 1k shares and made $100 and covered way to soon again see trade here. So far June as been a month of what ifs. Could be a big month for me but messing up to many trades still in the green but could be so much better. Got to refocus!


Took this for a long term short.


Took this for a long term short.

Crappy pumps on watch $FLUX and $AXXU

Summertime lot less plays so I am going to finally try and work on my patience.

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