Thursday, August 1, 2013

Watchlist for August 2, 2013

I am back to doing watchlists finally. Summer has been slow and rather boring. We also have bad news with Suretrader not allowing us to short stocks under $1 anymore! Read about that HERE


Everyone been watching and playing this one. I tend to have a rule if I don't know whats going on I tend to not play or play conservative. I shorted couple days ago then covered in pre market because it was down due to shorts being available at IB

Today $SOUL announced a 1-3 reverse split. Investorslive tweeted "Taking bets on $SOUL "faking" the reverse split -- trying to trap shorts w/ a RS and then "cancel" it -- this was 2003-2004 type trick lol" I havent played this aggressive at all because I dont know whats driving it. Some people are saying there is texts being sent out there, I can't confirm I have not received anything. Bestdamnpennystocks has a new pick next week and I wouldn't be surprised if they release SOUL. Who ever is trading $SOUL I say becareful. I'd be interested in shorting if Bestdamnpennystocks do release this as their pick. I will continue to watch.


This by far the most annoying Awesomepennystocks pump ever. They just dont stop pumping. Im still short very bad avg .29 . Just being patient with it which has been hard lol. Everyone and their mother knows this is a scam at this point but if you dont read Michael Goode Seekingalpha Report HERE. This will eventually be below .10 when Awesomepennystocks throws in the towel which seems not to be anytime soon lol.


PSON new batch of hardmailers were hitting, I actually received one. Today finally had a nice drop wonder if this is finally the end. I would say good short but it has dropped so much and this thing seems to never die completely lol.


This is the new billionairestocks pump. The last one they pumped was NHUR. This one has been on so many peoples radar before the pump and so many front runners. I really doubt it does as well as NHUR. Hopefully they can pump it over $1 because I'd be really interested in shorting then. Congrats to those who had the balls to go long in .40's. I thought about it but I got no balls going long these scams even though its profitable for many.


Looks to be done. Hoping for one more bounce to initiate a longterm short. Missed the last bounce :(


Shorted this a while ago but covered for quick gain because I thought it was to early in pump to tank. Finally a time where I dont regret covering quickly. See trade here. To get pump details go HERE


This was StockPsycho uncompensated promotion today. I shorted some near the close. Let's see tonight if they continue to pump or move on. Have not heard from Stock Psycho for a week. Their uncompensated pumps have not faired well recently. However, this one did well. If no night pumpage I expect this to fade for couple days like usual.

Why is a good site to visit regularly

Today I went on Goodetrades to remember some of the ongoing pumps. Then bam I pass his ETEK blog post. I completely forgot about this pump and it has been absolute destruction since the pump. Don't know if there was shares to short but if I been by goodetrades recently I would of definitely been looking! What a wasted opportunity.


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