Wednesday, September 18, 2013

$PCWT The New AwesomePennyStock Pick

I am up nearly $60k shorting penny stocks.  I learned everything I know from

Today $PCWT had unusual volume premarket.  Then at the open Victory Mark Corp websites sent out emails on $PCWT

Banner already up on the Victory Mark Sites

Then premiumstockreport the APS premium site went out on it.  Waiting game now to see if the free APS sites come out on it.

$PWEI the last APS pick was halted by the SEC yesterday.  Do I think $PCWT will get halted?  I think the SEC is always slow and useless in most penny stock pump cases.  Maybe they are finally taking APS serious so I suggest being careful with $PCWT with that being said APS best picks are usually the one everyone is doubting them.

George Sharp is already over it lol

I have not traded it on the long side but I will be looking to short it down the line.

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