Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Watchlist for September 18, 2013

Update I am up nearly $60k shorting penny stocks.  I learned everything I know from http://bit.ly/1eXm9Gb.

Be sure to read How I made 35k Shorting Pump and Dumps here ( I am now at 40k profits see here)

This was halted by the SEC today.  Surprised?  Not really but kind of.  SEC didn't have to do much work to know this was a scam worth halting, I mean Infitialis and Michael Goode (article here) spelled it out to them 11 months ago and they did nothing.  Like always the SEC is slow and incompetent.  My guess is if they hit $PVEN they could of ran a 2 month promo and the SEC would of did what they usually do NOTHING.  I also think if APS repumped anything other than PWEI they would of be fine.

My APS $PWEI Timeline
APS announces $PWEI as their pick.  Boring Repump. I didnt trade it once......
Good Traders get email go all in.  Get the hell out 5-10 minutes later for nice profit

Penny Stock Morons Buy late and Hold on Tight thinking they are going to be RICH!

SEC HALTS $PWEI.  Playing a nice Magic Trick on Longs.  Here is your money now its gone

$PWEI was looking to perk up and the SEC was like no sorry.

New Penny Stock Traders get frustrated.  Then realize they have lost all their money on it.

APS walks away banking millions still after selling shares of $PWEI to suckers

APS send out and email like nothing happened "New Pick Coming Soon" 

Those who just got out of $PWEI yesterday with a profit feel like they just performed a miracle

SEC is getting closer to stopping APS but I still think they are ways away.  PWEI was a repump.

APS will probably release a New Pick soon.  The sheep will be back.

Everyone will be scared and the only ones that will make money will be the skilled traders

New promotion.  Disclosed budget of up to 3,000,000 dollars.  Get pump details here.  Will be watching closely.  I am to much of a girl to go long.  I think this will get over at least $1.  Hoping this one does well, hoping it sets up to be a kick ass short.
Thank Timlento.  See hardmailer here  3.8 million dollar budget disclosed.  This will be another one to watch closely.  Hopefully it does well, later setting up another sweet shorting opportunity.

This is a hard mailer promotion.  Another Tobin Smith Stock promotion.  Read my report about NAMG here. Look like it was dying but has bounced back.  I have not been short for a while.  I made 1k on it and on my long term short I was bought in.  This hopefully will not be like $PSON and take forever.

Get pump details here.  Hard mailers were hitting peoples homes and thats when this started to pick up.  However, this seekingalpha article was most likely the trigger for the dump (not even a good report).  I was only short a few amount of shares and made peanuts.  Not many people were short before the dump unfortunately.  Such a picture perfect dump.

Repump here is the landing page http://www.octagon88report.com/ . Still has not completely dumped.  Hopefully one more nice push to short into.  This thing is a POS lol.

 Go here to check out landing.  The video is hilarious.  This is being pumped by Stocktips by far their best promotion.  I am short a small amount of shares and will continue to try and be patient with it.  Has refused to dump so far.

Continues to get pumped.  Finding borrows has been tough.  I find a few shares to short today I will try and be patient with.  I think this heads lower.

Compensated Stock Psycho promotion today.  No borrow No Cry

StockMister Plays I have shorted lately

My trading on these pumps like a boss

$UAHC- uncompensated

$NHLI- Compensated Pump

Me celebrating my short trades on StockMister Picks.

I am still short some $WCRS last StockMister uncompensated pump will look to cover tomorrow.  $550 in realized profits and about $530 in unrealized profits right now. StockMister has a new play tomorrow I will be hawking.  I think WCRS drops more tomorrow because of that.

I wish my trading desk was like this.  Make the day more entertaining lol


  1. You've been nailing those Stockmister shorts. Congrats! Tomorrow's pump likely compensated, so even better.

  2. Thanks Michael. Hopefully there will be borrows unlike PGCX today. StockMister said higher priced one so yea I agree, def looks like a compensated pump tomorrow. Hopefully we can nail it.