Monday, September 2, 2013

Watchlist for September 3, 2013

Finally Labor Day.  Penny stock promotions tend to pick up after labor day.  Summer season is usually really slow for pumps.

Be sure to read How I made 35k Shorting Pump and Dumps here

This is a hard mailer promotion.  Another Tobin Smith Stock promotion.  Read my report about NAMG here. I really don't see this doing that well with my report out there detailing this pump and dump scheme.  Hopefully it slowly fades.  I shorted and banked see here.  I am looking to reshort for a longer term short because I think this will tank eventually tank.  So far I was able to reshort 7k shares

This was a bestdamnpennystocks and bullexchange promotion.  They have been silent for sometime on it.  BLUF was a stock that was on watch for a SEC Halt because some false claims in PR's read more about that here.  I shorted and made a pathetic $178.  Wish I held on to those shares longer.  Was not a smooth ride I was down 4k unrealized at one point.  I was happy to get out with a profit.  This probably acts like $MULI their past promotion.  Hoping for one more spike to short into.  Longer term short considering a SEC halt is still possible.

Bigger budget promo that has been trading sideways.  Get pump details here.  I remember a past pump that was very slow then did well $NORX but more often then not when pump trades sideways from the start, the pump ends up being a failed promotion.  I may look to short some WTER soon.  I will continue to watch.

A lower priced MJ Captial Pump (crappy pumper).  Probably a gap and crap.

Looks like a repump is in store new landing page was picked up this weekend .  I will continue to watch, I wont long but hopefully it has a decent bounce something worth shorting.

Other Pumps to be watching
  1. Stock Psycho 9:30 am
  2. and Victory Mark emails hit this weekend teasing that they will have a new pick this week.  Be on the lookout for anything unusual. 


  1. great job with the watchlists and never said it in your 35k post but awesome job man! keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks man appreciate it. You keep killing it too. Pump Season approaching I am getting excited lol.