Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Watchlist for September 4, 2013

Be sure to read How I made 35k Shorting Pump and Dumps here

This is a hard mailer promotion.  Another Tobin Smith Stock promotion.  Read my report about NAMG here. I really don't see this doing that well with my report out there detailing this pump and dump scheme.  Was ETB at Suretrader this morning wonder if thats why it sold off a little bit out of the gate.  This one is going to test my patience.  I reshorted it Friday 7k shares.

This was a bestdamnpennystocks and bullexchange promotion.  They have been silent for sometime on it.  BLUF was a stock that was on watch for a SEC Halt because some false claims in PR's read more about that here.  I shorted and made a pathetic $178.  Really slowly dying.  Man I really wish I had my shares back.  I can only pray for a bounce to short into but doesnt look likely at this point. Missed opportunity

This had another boring day.  This is a bigger budget promo that has been trading sideways.  Get pump details here.  I remember a past pump that was very slow then did well $NORX but more often then not when pump trades sideways from the start, the pump ends up being a failed promotion.  I may look to short some WTER soon.  I will continue to watch.

MJ capital pump and dump that tanked nicely today I made $320 about $280 after comissions.  It was ETB at Suretrader.  I am trying to do repeat my previous feat of turning a 3.5k account at Suretrader into 10k.  Read about that here .

Picked up today after people picked up on the landing page this weekend http://www.octagon88report.com/ .  I will continue to watch, I wont long but hopefully it has a decent bounce something worth shorting.

This was the Stock Psycho compensated promotion today.  I really wish this was ETB but it was not.  I will continue to look for shares to short tomorrow but most likely there will be none.  No borrow no Cry.  NEXT!

This was StockMisters uncompensated pump and dump.  Read this good blog post discussing the performance of past Stock Mister crappy pumps here .  IB found borrows towards the end of the day.  I shorted some and will try and be patient with it.  That is one of the benefits with IB because you can hold shorts longer than most other brokers

Crappy Pumps on Watch
$LVGI-PennyStockProphet Pump
$LFAP- Andalusian Holdings crappy pumper

Teaser emails hit saying they will have a new pick tomorrow.  My guess is PVEN.  Do not act until confirmed and be careful.
I agree 100% with these tweets

APS has not released a One Day robbery pick like $VLNX for sometime and I wouldn't be surprise to see something like that very soon from them.  Especially because they know Sharp will release a PR issuing a lawsuit the night of that pick.  They might just do a quick one as a fund raiser but who knows.  Just dont act until confirmed and watch to see if they are supporting it.

My top guess is 
$PVEN- has had some volume recently.  Has Ventures in its name and has 400,000,000 shares outstanding fitting past APS promos.

We shall see tomorrow.  Things are starting to get interesting again!

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