Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Watchlist for September 5, 2013

Be sure to read How I made 35k Shorting Pump and Dumps here

This is a hard mailer promotion.  Another Tobin Smith Stock promotion.  Read my report about NAMG here. I really don't see this doing that well with my report out there detailing this pump and dump scheme.  Been boring. If it continues to hold up and start to inch higher.  I may consider boxing my short if the previous high from a couple days ago 1.24 breaks.  We shall see.  I still think this will just continue to slowly fade before accelerating lower after $1.00 cracks.

This was a bestdamnpennystocks and bullexchange promotion.  They have been silent for sometime on it.  BLUF was a stock that was on watch for a SEC Halt because some false claims in PR's read more about that here.  I shorted and made a pathetic $178.  This thing has truly been hard to watch.  Really wish I was more patient with my shares.  However, its more likely that my shares would of been bought in by now or I would of covered to soon.  Hind sight trading is always 20/20 .

Get pump details here.  This started to pick up today.  It is nice to see.  52 week highs.  Hoping this continues because it will be a great short eventually.  I'll keep watching

Repump here is the landing page .  I will continue to watch, I wont long but hopefully it has a decent bounce something worth shorting.  It continued higher today.

Michael Goode tweeted the landing page today.  Thank him for that.  Go here to see it.  The video is hilarious.  I will start to watch this more closely.

More crappy pumpers out on it tonight.  This means there are more shares needed to be sold.  I have been looking non stop for borrows.  IB has not had any shares the past couple days.  No borrow no cry.  I will continue to look for shares tomorrow.  Just a gimmie short.

This was StockMisters uncompensated pump and dump.  Read this good blog post discussing the performance of past Stock Mister crappy pumps here .  I covered 2k shares today.  I am still short 10k shares at avg of .27.  This was ETB at Suretrader and probably why it tanked so hard out of the gate.  I was thinking about shorting some there but was not quick enough.  The end of the day gradual rise was probably because people who short at Suretrader have to cover their shorts by the end of the day because they cant hold anything short that is priced under $1 overnight.  This probably follows the trend of previous uncompensated Stock Mister pumps.  It will most likely tank tomorrow and continue lower.  It might accelerate when APS releases their new pick as some people might sell $PLLX to lose more money on the next APS pick! lol

This has been hit by crappy pumpers past couple days interesting to see it uptrending.  This also has a huge market cap to just be a crappy pumpers campaign.  If its just that then this is a gimmie short. StockMister was compensated 112,000 which makes me believe this is only a crappy pumper campaign.  I will definitely be looking for shares to short because it has a big market cap.  Most likely ton of shares that insiders are looking to dump.  Wouldnt be surprised to see Stock Psycho's pick be this tomorrow.

All the early speculators got crushed today.  This is why I said yesterday to not trade APS picks until confirmed and when you see clear support!  It was a shame this was not ETB because I would of definitely shorted it when it was going crazy this morning and when APS delayed.  It was a gimmie short.

Crappy Pumps on Watch (In Order of Interest)

  1. StockPsycho Play tomorrow morning. Looks like they got a pick of their own and not jumping on the APS band wagon
  2. $AXXE-Stock Freak crew hit it tonight.
  3. Global Marketing Media pump coming.  Looks like they will just release APS new pick.Most Likely
  4. $LVGI- Mj Capital pump
  5. XCHC- DamnGoodPennyPicks hit it tonight
  6. SAPX Andalusian Holdings pump (They are terrible now not even worth shorting usually)
We been getting a decent amount of opportunities this week.  Hope everyone is taking advantage. 

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