Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Trip to The British Virgin Islands was Amazing!

I won a 10k trip to the British Virgin Islands thanks to Timothy Sykes.  It was an amazing trip.  I found I was selected Tuesday morning Feb 18.  I was flying Wednesday 6am already.  Everything was planned last minute but opportunity like this you can not pass up.  Have to say thank you again to Timothy Sykes.  It went by so quick it was almost like a dream.    I met a bunch of great traders I now call friends on the trip Blake, Rigelson, Bryant, Bob Garrett, Timothy Bohen.  It was awesome because we all trade a little differently and it was great to learn different things from each of them.  Amazing group of traders it was a pleasure meeting all of them.  We had a great time!

It was also great to watch Tim Sykes in action especially on Friday where he was watching $EKSO.  Blake was actually the first to come across $EKSO because of Stockstotrade.  Tim ended up making $70,000 on $EKSO long see here.  He would of made even more but we had shitty internet on the yacht. Tim wanted a bigger position.  Amazing to see the confidence he had in the play and great to see it live as he explained why it was so perfect.  It ended up being the perfect play just like he predicted.  Awesome! I again was a girl and didn't long. Luckily some of the other students were long over the weekend and sold on the huge gap up.  

This whole trip was an eye opening experience.  You literally can make money anywhere as long as you have wi-fi and know how to trade!  I made near 2k on the trip because as the trip started $IMTC got halted and I was short 4k shares.  I should make 1-1.6k on that when it reopens. Read my report on $IMTC HERE  I made $420 on $SUBB and was up $300 on $NCGI which I again took profits way to soon!  If I was patient one more day on $NCGI it would of been near 1k in profits!  Again this would not be possible if it was not for Timothy Sykes and his Trading Challenge!  I get a lot of emails asking is it worth joining the Trading Challenge?  Tim just paid 50K for 5 challenge students to join him in the British Virgin Islands. That is 10k each. The challenge is only 5k to get into.  I have made 50k in trading profits and would be a lot more if it was not for one stupid -20k trade.  I learned a valuable lesson and have been coming back since.  Tim may have many doubters and haters but the guy has the passion, which I saw throughout the whole trip.  The man doesn't stop working and he is changing lives in the process.  Anyone new to trading should consider the Trading Challenge.  It could lead to the ultimate financial freedom you have been looking for.


British Virgin Islands was simply beautiful.  Here are some photos for those wondering what it was like.

If anyone goes to the British Virgin Island try to not get a boat ride from Claxton LOL.

Thanks again Tim!  It was amazing experience.  Thank you everyone on the trip for making it such a great time.


  1. Great post!

    I hate to correct you though, I noticed a minor typo.

    I'm pretty sure, "If anyone goes to the British Virgin Island try to not get a boat ride from Claxton LOL."

    Should have read: "If anyone goes to the British Virgin Island DO ANYTHING YOU CAN TO get a boat ride from Claxton LOL."

    1. Haha your right. If anyone see's the man please get a picture. I need a new twitter avatar lol.

  2. Sounds like a great time thanks for the feedback!