Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Watchlist for February 26, 2014

This is the current Stocktips.com pump.  Their pumps have done really well.  Last two promotions were $PGLO $TGRO. $PGLO hit its high on the 11th day of the pump. $TGRO hit its high on the 13th day of the pump.  WPWR tomorrow will be the 12th day of the pump.  I am short biased at the moment. WPWR could make a huge move so if I do get shares early I will box.  Then I would try to unbox into a parabolic move.

Read my report on StockTips.com last pump $TGRO here

Amazing pump. I wrote a report on $VEND a while ago you can read it here.  It crashed and I banked you can see I made 1.5k HERE . $VEND has made an amazing comeback on the secondary pump.  Some market maker has to be over short or the deal guys just ran out of paper to sell.  Amazing.  Hit $10 today will that be the top
Another thing to take note of is FraudResearch was active tweeting today about $VEND.  Don't know if he has a report in works or he is short..... I would consider following them.

This is the new SMA pump. See the pump page here.  Their last promotion was BOPT. BOPT did terrible and was halted.  Did not have great expectations with $BHNN.  The volume they brought in was not anything crazy.  I am looking to short. ALFS!

Landing page can be found here. 1,360,000 promotion budget disclosed.  Huge market cap of about 117 million already.  Its been very low volume.  I am interested in shorting for a long term short but I won't get a big position.

You can read my report on $KRED here.  I banked on 2k on it and traded it poorly you can see that HERE.  It's first bounce high was $1.04 then it tanked back to low of .65.  It has since bounced back to .849.  Volume is dropping off.  I think this is a great long term short.  Only problem is the borrow rate is expensive.

The bastard StockMister got paid 25k to promote this.  I would love to find shares in the morning.  Chances are it runs a little in morning then makes g/r move then heads lower rest of week.  Love shorting compensated crappy pumper pumps. 

Pure illegal spam promotion.  I would love to short this aggressively.  MG stop taking my shares lol.

Shit promoters have been getting compensated daily on this one.  I would love to find short this somewhat aggressively.  I think promoters will continue to get paid on it.  It won;t go no where bc someone who paid for promotion will be dumping.  Then when promoters stops I think it tanks 10 cents.  We shall see.  I just love shorting stocks that are somewhat fresh and getting hit daily by shit promoters.  Example $SUBB in early January.

This was a stock recently promoted by various crappy pumpers.  No borrow no cry.  I looked the whole day IB didnt have any :(.  

This pump has speculation that it could be a big promoters next pump.  I am currently long 4k shares.  We shall see what happens.  I am so bad at longing a pump. I am always to shaky and they never go well when I am long lol.  I will continue to watch this and try to be patient.

Made $200 shorting this today on g/r.  Today was the first red day.  I'll be watching tomorrow to see what it does.


  1. Huge market cap of about 117 million already.

    is that really huge ?? just big