Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watchlist for March 12, 2014. My case of Trader Envy Today!

I am start off today with the obvious, TODAY WAS HUGE FOR MANY.  Sadly I was on sidelines.  I am trigger shy on things I am not comfortable with.  I have a big case of trader envy right now.  The worse part about it was there was many perfect shorts $PLUG $FNMA $FCEL $BLDP.  I executed none of them (scalped $FCEL for pathetic $200) because basically I am a one trick pony.  I am so comfortable with pump and dumps I have not trained myself for the Nasdaqs and some simple patterns.   Feel like I let my teachers Timothy Sykes and Michael Goode down by not banking today.  It's because my laziness why I was not banking with others today on these beautiful plays and to that SHAME ON ME!  I am using it as motivation to not miss the next big day.  I will be playing Nasdaqs a little more.  Learning what I can from Nate's investorslive DVD and from rewatching Timothy Sykes part Deux.  This trading recap video sums up my frustration as well. ARGHHH!!!!!!!!


People killing it left and right.  Congrats guys!

Then Kroyrunner making us all look bad by banking 100k at a Coffee SHOP.  The unibomb trader lol. Read about it HERE.

Hear about the story here


Now the beautiful charts. Ideally shorting around mid day after the morning low was taken out would of been a golden short.





Alright back to the watchlist

This is the current Stocktips.com pump.  Their pumps have done really well.  Last two promotions were $PGLO $TGRO. $PGLO hit its high on the 11th day of the pump. $TGRO hit its high on the 13th day of the pump.  $WPWR hit its high on day 14th of the pump.  Read my report on $WPWR HERE.

$WPWR is currently bouncing.  Amazing how its still not dead!  I would not be surprised to see this break out and squeeze.  I am sure they sucked in a lot of shorts because the FraudResearch article and mine recently.  Should be very interesting.  I would love to be able to short this over $1!  Keep watching see what they got.

Read my report on StockTips.com last pump $TGRO here

Amazing pump. I wrote a report on $VEND a while ago you can read it here.  It crashed and I banked you can see I made 1.5k HERE . $VEND has made an amazing comeback on the secondary pump. I warned you yesterday to follow FraudResearch.  He wrote a report that could be the end of $VEND read it here .  From $10 to $3.  Amazing, to bad there was no borrows.  Great article by FraudResearch. Hat tip.  $VEND is now in bounce mode.  Amazing bounce so far.

We had a twitter war between Timothy Sykes and EliteTrader see the fight here .  Bring the popcorn.

What was a joke was Tim Sykes shorted VEND yesterday and Luke tried to squeeze him.

He urged his followers to buy $VEND to squeeze Sykes.  Showing he does not give a shit about his followers.  He did not get his $VEND gap up and I am sure some blind followers with shitty fills are now down.......... 

This pump has been a confirmed Paragon Report pump.  I will continue to watch.  Now that all the front runners are gone its doing well.  Let's see what they got.  Their best picks tend to be followed by a hardmailers so keep an eye out for that.

Being promoted by multiple crappy pumpers lately.  I made money on it once already see here.  If there is borrows I might try short morning spike on offer and try cover at bid or into dropping. 

This has been hit by DamnGoodPennyPicks I was trying to short but have not found any borrows.  Penny Picks now alerted it after the close.  I will continue to look for borrows.

Another crappy pumper pump that I have made money on before see here.  I started into a short today.  It got pumped by DamnGoodPennyPicks overnight.  I will try and add on morning spike.  Think I can cover near .20 in a week.

Got promoted by Global Marketing Media which usually means golden short.  However there was no borrows and it did extremely weird.  There is a lot of shares outstanding and pretty nice website.  I wouldn't be surprised to see this be part of a bigger promo.  We shall see though but definitely on watch.

I shorted 1k very early at .65 luckily there was no more shares.  I shorted because this is a stock authority pump.  Will continue to watch. Might try and add we shall see.

BESTDAMNPENNYSTOCKS.COM has a new pump tomorrow.  Their last picks were crap and annoying to short. $ASAB and $MULI were their last picks.  It's still something to look out for and watch.  Only potential short for me.  Their picks are not worth longing!


I was short 10k shares covered 7k the day before the halt.  Short 3k shares left.  Probably make an extra easy $300 bucks.  Read about suspension here

Compensated Stock Psycho promotion.  I was short 12k shares at an avg of .285 about.  I started shorting way to early or it would of been a bigger win.  Covered all today in .26's for about $270 gain.

I got most bought in day 1 after it reopened from SEC HALT.  I am still short 450 shares Ill cover below .10  Read my report on $IMTC here .  

For all my haters. My articles do help people! 

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