Sunday, March 2, 2014

Watchlist for March 3, 2014

Read about my trip to the British Virgin Islands HERE.

Watchlist for March 3, 2014

This is the current pump.  Their pumps have done really well.  Last two promotions were $PGLO $TGRO. $PGLO hit its high on the 11th day of the pump. $TGRO hit its high on the 13th day of the pump.  $WPWR tomorrow will be the 13th day of the pump.  Read my report on $WPWR HERE.  Lots of support and manipulation Friday to keep it up.
Big ARCA Bid.  Multiple instances of big bids trying to prop this up.  The close ARCA crossed the ask to try and get it to close near green. Market Makers BTIG and ASCM were defending multiple instances with hidden size as well throughout Friday.

Level 2 Note: I am cheap, I have a thinkorswim account that is not funded.  They provide free level 2 which I use.  It works great.  For those cheap people out there this is a good level 2 option for you.

Friday first dip low .72 then .75 then .76 then .77.  They are good.  My guess they will be there defending it again in the morning.

See if we get a morning panic.  If not I will likely rebox my short.  That would be annoying.  See what happens in the morning.

Read my report on last pump $TGRO here

Amazing pump. I wrote a report on $VEND a while ago you can read it here.  It crashed and I banked you can see I made 1.5k HERE . $VEND has made an amazing comeback on the secondary pump. I warned you yesterday to follow FraudResearch.  He wrote a report that could be the end of $VEND read it here .  From $10 to $3.  Amazing, to bad there was no borrows.  Great article by FraudResearch. Hat tip.  $VEND is now in bounce mode.  My guess is it'll keep bouncing for couple days then another dump.  $LEXG had a nice bounce too after its first big drop from $10.  This one reminds me of $LEXG.

Compensated RDI promotion. I will be looking for shares all day tomorrow. Try and be patient with the short. I am short 1.2k shares. I WANT MORE!  This probably dumps .10 this week.
This pump has speculation that it could be a big promoters next pump.  I got shares because of the rumors.  However, each day went by and it was not looking like a big promo.  Crappy pumpers kept getting paid on it.  Luckily, I didnt foolish stay in and hope for big promotion.  Followed my gut and got out for $5 gain lol.  Then it dumped.  StockMister and others got paid over the weekend which makes me think that this will never get a big promotion.  I'll keep watching though.
Nice comeback.  Could of been a nice play for a gap tomorrow but I didn't take it. Another great article by FraudResearch see it here.  Went from .52 to .35.  Hat tip to FraudResearch for the great articles lately.  Follow him his articles are providing trading opportunities.  I wanted to short when article went out but IB had none.  CP did I heard.

Landing page can be found here. 1,360,000 promotion budget disclosed.  Huge market cap of about 117 million already.  Its been very low volume.  I am interested in shorting for a long term short but I won't get a big position.  Still have not been able to find shares.... Still looking.
You can read my report on $KRED here.  I banked on 2k on it and traded it poorly you can see that HERE.  It's first bounce high was $1.04 then it tanked back to low of .65.  It has since bounced back to .849.  Volume is dropping off.  I think this is a great long term short.  Only problem is the borrow rate is expensive.  I am still short 4.4k in mid .80's.  I will stay patient because it looks like its slowly fading.

Pure illegal spam promotion.  Added to my short Friday.  I think this will tank near .10 in a week or so.  I got to try and be patient for once.  Volume fading.

Cut my loss already.  Should of been more patient.  Started to head south Friday.  See what it does this week.
Played this nicely. To bad I only could locate 1k shares.  I made 43% on the short see here

Like I said in previous watchlists
I just love shorting stocks that are somewhat fresh and getting hit daily by shit promoters.  Example $SUBB in early January.  These kind of plays tend to work out nicely most of the time only problem is trying to find shares to borrow.

This is the new SMA pump. See the pump page here.  Their last promotion was BOPT. BOPT did terrible and was halted.  Volume is so pathetic.  SMA you suck now.

StockMister compensated pump last week.  Should of taken the shares when they became available.  It was already down so much so I stayed away.


  1. Thanks for the watchlist
    That morning dump on WPWR was so predictable! I just hope they retrace this a little like TGRO so I can get another shot

    1. Yup it gapped down Friday low broke then panic. We shall see. I am hoping for another shot to bank on short. I played todays drop poorly.