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Watchlist for March 6, 2014

Read about my trip to the British Virgin Islands HERE.

Watchlist for March 6, 2014

This is the current pump.  Their pumps have done really well.  Last two promotions were $PGLO $TGRO. $PGLO hit its high on the 11th day of the pump. $TGRO hit its high on the 13th day of the pump.  $WPWR hit its high on day 14th of the pump.  Read my report on $WPWR HERE.

$WPWR is currently bouncing.  Hoping it can get to .70's for a reshort.  Stop loss would be a break out of previous high.  Looks to be losing some steam today. Hit at high of .68 then faded to .61 where there was a lot of bid support to make sure it didnt go red on the day.  We shall see with my article out there, I don't see them being able to sucker enough retail to squeeze shorts.  We shall see.  I will continue to watch.

Read my report on last pump $TGRO here

This reopened today from the SEC halt. I am short 4k shares from .54.  I usually always cover day 1 after it reopens from halt but this time I am going try and be patient.  Goal is to cover near .10.  I think I will be able to within a week.  We shall see.  People always bash me for my articles but it saves people from being in a stock like IMTC which is down 70% because SEC halt.  Read my report here

Amazing pump. I wrote a report on $VEND a while ago you can read it here.  It crashed and I banked you can see I made 1.5k HERE . $VEND has made an amazing comeback on the secondary pump. I warned you yesterday to follow FraudResearch.  He wrote a report that could be the end of $VEND read it here .  From $10 to $3.  Amazing, to bad there was no borrows.  Great article by FraudResearch. Hat tip.  $VEND is now in bounce mode.  Amazing bounce so far.  I will continue to watch but I'll end up to chicken to short.

Compensated RDI promotion. I added some today.  RDI has moved on to pumping $SUBB which is also another potential short.  I am being patient still think I can get .05-.10 downside on this.
This pump has speculation that it could be a big promoters next pump. Just weird.  This has connections to past promotions done by a decently big promoter.  However, this has been pumped by a lot of crappy promoters and looks terrible.  Do not know what to make of it.  Let's see if this promoter ever goes out on it.  I'll continue to watch.
Landing page can be found here. 1,360,000 promotion budget disclosed.  Huge market cap of about 117 million already.  Its been very low volume.  I am short very small.  Will try and be patient. This pump never got much attention/volume.
You can read my report on $KRED here.  I banked on 2k on it and traded it poorly you can see that HERE.  It's first bounce high was $1.04 then it tanked back to low of .65.  It has since bounced back to .849.  Volume is dropping off.  I think this is a great long term short.  Only problem is the borrow rate is expensive.  I lost patience and covered today.  Past two days it has spiked nicely to only come back down.  If we get another spike in highs .80's ill look to reshort.
Pure illegal spam promotion.  Still be patient with it.  My patience is starting to run out.  Surprised it hasnt dumped yet.  Still think I can cover under .20 eventually.  Like to see it start dumping soon though.

This is the new SMA pump. See the pump page here.  Their last promotion was BOPT. BOPT did terrible and was halted.  Volume is so pathetic.  SMA you suck now.  I never found borrows in the .90's which sucks.   Volume is terrible though.

Crappy promoter pump.  So disappointed I missed the morning spike to short into.  IB had shares.  A friend brought this to my attention a littler later in day.  What a missed opportunity I shorted small at .24-.25ish.  Probably can cover below .20 soon.

RDI promoted this today.  Got it to go up some.  I will be looking to add if they send more emails tonight and in the morning.  Probably can cover .16 and below in a week.

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