Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watchlist for March 7, 2014

Read about my trip to the British Virgin Islands HERE.

Watchlist for March 7, 2014

This is the current pump.  Their pumps have done really well.  Last two promotions were $PGLO $TGRO. $PGLO hit its high on the 11th day of the pump. $TGRO hit its high on the 13th day of the pump.  $WPWR hit its high on day 14th of the pump.  Read my report on $WPWR HERE.

$WPWR is currently bouncing.  I started into a short today.  Bounce has not been crazy strong lately.  I boxed most, I am only net short 1.5k shares.  I always want to be net short overnight in case of a morning SEC halt.  I will continue to try and add. Mental stop loss is previous pump high.  I doubt this breaks out but we shall see

Read my report on last pump $TGRO here

This reopened from the SEC halt yesterday.  I am short 4k shares from .54.  I usually always cover day 1 after it reopens from halt but this time I was going to try and be patient. I was finally going be patient and got most of my position bought in today right at the open.  I wonder what kind of shitty fill they gave me.  Need to take a look.  I am only short 400 shares lol.  I'll wait until .10 or buy in for those.

Amazing pump. I wrote a report on $VEND a while ago you can read it here.  It crashed and I banked you can see I made 1.5k HERE . $VEND has made an amazing comeback on the secondary pump. I warned you yesterday to follow FraudResearch.  He wrote a report that could be the end of $VEND read it here .  From $10 to $3.  Amazing, to bad there was no borrows.  Great article by FraudResearch. Hat tip.  $VEND is now in bounce mode.  Amazing bounce so far.

Today was the day of the McNasty tweet.  I didnt get a screen shot of the tweet but he tweeted out a obvious joke about CEO of $VEND going to jail.  I assumed it was a joke from the start. However, by the action it was clear people took it serious.  Then we had 30-1hr of traders throwing a hissy fit.  McNasty tweets are for comical purposes only you should never be trading based off his tweets.  That should be obvious!  Michael Goode sums it up nicely.  I am just disappointed I didn't short some this morning at IB there was shares for most of the day.  This should be game over for it.

Compensated RDI promotion. I am still short.  My patience is running thin.  Couple red days in a row.  Hoping for a faster move down soon.  I want to cover below .20

This pump has speculation that it could be a big promoters next pump. Just weird.  This has connections to past promotions done by a decently big promoter.  However, this has been pumped by a lot of crappy promoters and looks terrible.  Still holding up.  Hopefully this gets into mid 80's then big promoter hits it and it breaks out.  Who knows.  No play for me now just watching.
You can read my report on $KRED here.  I banked on 2k on it and traded it poorly you can see that HERE.  It's first bounce high was $1.04 then it tanked back to low of .65.  It has since bounced back to .849.  Volume is dropping off.  I think this is a great long term short.  Only problem is the borrow rate is expensive.  I am hoping this breaks recent support then starts to tank.  This cant hold up any strength.  Fades right back down after each spike in previous days to .87.  This is testing people's patience but I think it cracks next week.  We shall see.
Compensated Stock Psycho promotion.  I am short about 9k shares at not so great avg of .274.  I think I will be able to cover near or below .20 in a week.  I will look to add. 

Pure illegal spam promotion.  Still be patient with it.  My patience is starting to run out.  I covered most of my short for a small loss of $120.

Crappy promoter pump.  So disappointed I miss the morning spike to short into Wednesday.  So disappointed I didn't short more in morning spike today.  Just a missed opportunity on such a gimmie play. I was only short small and covered at .19 today for small gain of $100.  Could of been a really nice winner :( 

RDI promoted this today.  Got it to go up some.  I shorted about 9k because of the RDI promotion.  Didnt have great avg it was like .182.  I covered some today at .165 and .161.  More paid promotion today.  Will try to add on morning spike then cover on the fade.  Love scalping this stock short lol.

Landing page can be found here. 1,360,000 promotion budget disclosed.  Huge market cap of about 117 million already.  Its been very low volume.  I am short very small.  Will try and be patient. This pump never got much attention/volume.  Still short 1k shares from 1.10.  Still creeping up.  We shall see what happens.
This was a Stock Psycho compensated pump that I shorted couple days ago.  I was only able to short a small amount because its the only borrows I found.  I covered today some at .80 and some at the days lows for +$130


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