Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Trip To Puerto Rico and How I made $8,000 Trading With Awesome Views.

My Trip To Dorado Beach Puerto Rico.
One of the beautiful things about being a day trader is that all you really need is a computer and wi-fi to work.  I went to Puerto Rico from Aug 17 to 23rd and it was during the $APPG bounce after the first dump.  This is one of the best shorts in my opinion to be aggressive on because pumps rarely ever make it back to pump highs after the first dump.  Knowing the history and similarities to past pump $DIMI with Dodi Handy being involved I really wanted to nail this one.  Friday, before the weekend where I left, I unboxed some to be net short and put out a report you can see here exposing APPG for the fraud it is.  With the bigger pumps I tend to be really shaky but it's time I started nailing these!

$APPG Chart Before I left

Sunday I was off


When I got to my room at the Ritz Carlton.  I was super pumped because my office was sick with an amazing view!

Luckily I was here with another trader that really helped me stay less shaky with $APPG.  I always tend to cover to soon on these bigger pumps.  Luckily for me $APPG was weak all week.  Even though I had a fat finger mistake trying to cover 1k I ended up covering 10k at .74 I was still proud of my patience on this one.  Fat finger cost me a couple grand but I still ended up making 7k on it overall.  My boxing and unboxing needs more work but that's still a work in progress.  One of the benefits of having two brokers now is I can box my positions.

 short side

I was covered all up by Wednesday so I can could enjoy the rest of the trip and its amazing views.  Got to love being a daytrader!

Even met Peter Schiff at the Beach

All and all it was an amazing trip and what made it even better was that it was one of my biggest weeks trading.  If your interested in learning how to short penny stocks I learned from Timothy Sykes and you can too here  #FREEDOM

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