Friday, September 5, 2014

$ALKM The One Everyone is Speculating will be the next StockTips Pick and my Thoughts on it.

$ALKM today saw some speculative volume toward the close.  People were speculating that it will be the upcoming StockTips pick coming Sunday 7pm.  There was a decent amount of front running today.  I didn't buy because I am always worried they might delay the pick or it might not even be the pick.  If it ends up being $ALKM, imo I wouldnt be to excited.  This thing has seen numerous promotion campaigns already you can read my last report on it here.  This could be a straight money grab or paper sale but again we don't even know if it will be $ALKM but if it is I warn becareful.  I do expect a lot of volume Monday morning and a pop.  I believe all pops should be a good shorting opportunity.

Let's take a look at their last play $PGFY 
As you can see the Friday 5/2 there was also front running and a big price jump similar to what we saw today on $ALKM.  Then Monday it had a really fantastic run from 1.00 to high of 1.80 on huge volume.  However, Tuesday and Wednesday it dumped big.  It then started to bounce and then got halted.  I wouldn't be surprised be surprised to see the same pattern with $ALKM but don't expect Monday to be as impressive as $PGFY was.  $ALKM will be a lot harder to control considering the insiders are not in control like all the past StockTips plays which were all fresh tickers.  Either way it will be an eventful Monday. Its Pump Season!

Other Past Plays


If you longed Friday near the close and it ends up being the pick def take advantage of a gap up to lock in some profits, do not drink the kool aid thinking it will play out like the old picks.  If they pumped $ALKM it would already be something they never done pump a stock that has been pumped heavily before.  To me that would be a bad sign.  Goodluck to all.  Enjoy the weekend.


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