Saturday, September 6, 2014

StockTips Delayed Their New Pick. The dangers of trying to frontload.

StockTips email today
This most likely means that the pick was going to be $ALKM but with all the front running and huge price spike they decided to delay the pick.
However, this could of all been part of the plan to sucker people to buy their pick.  They might of purposely leaked a landing page knowing that gurus would send it out to their subscribers.  They basically ran a small stock promotion without ever having to put out an email.  $ALKM should be a bloodbath on Monday.  Sorry to those that are still long but thats the risk you take when playing the guessing game.  Now lets hope they don't end up pumping $ALKM later and bring us a fresh ticker.

Last time I recall this happening on a much bigger scale was with the Awesomepennystocks crew.  Some sites went out on $RARS that was linked to APS on a Friday.  The rest of the sites didn't go out overnight and $RARS was complete destruction after that.  That front load was much heavier than $ALKM but its the same dirty tricks promoters use.  Things haven't changed

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