Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Watchlist for October 29th, 2014

See how I create my Watchlists nightly on my BlackBerry Passport

This blog was also written on my BlackBerry Passport.  Its a solid productivity device.  Writing this blog was very smooth.  BB10 is a multi tasking beast of an operating system to bad not to many people have given it a chance.

This has been pumped 3 nights in a row by crappy pumpers. They are running out of promoters and it started heading south today. Tomorrow could be the day of destruction. I'm short and I may look to add if there is a morning pop.

This is the BrightonMarkets current stock promotion. I luckily shorted some this morning. 8k shares at 1.51 but only made 1.1k covering to soon like I usually do. Emails hitting tonight hopefully they can get it back on track so we can short it again. Their last play was $VHUB. BrightonMarkets hasn't had a good play in sometime now. We"ll see what happens. 

www.ifanreport.com hard mailer promotion. With a purported 3.5 million dollar budget. When I see inflated budgets like that I tend not to believe it but I guess we shall see. I'm looking to start a starters position soon. 

Read my report here. This is starting very similar to $VOIL stock promotion. That too also started with a Moskowitz report. Let's hope for all our sakes it's not another 6 month stock promotion. $VOIL has been one annoying POS. I will continue to watch for the next play on this. Landing page here http://frotinfo.com/ 

Crap pump from a couple days ago like to short small think it goes lower. Short ask cover bid type play.

This was pumped today. Probably will continue to fade. I'll look to short.
I can't wait for this POS to die. One of the most annoying pumps in sometime. Starting to roll over will they finally let it die? I hope so. I'll probably won't be along for the ride basically tired of this stock.

StockTips play coming soon


  1. did you make screenshots from blackberry passport as well ?

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