About Me

I am a Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge student. I currently am doing whatever I can to really learn and master the art of shorting pump and dumps. I have previous experience trading pump and dump from the long side and made some pretty good money. I learned a lot from PrepromotionStocks. However, I don't have nerves of steal. I think shorting will better suit me and make me a more successful trader. I will be sharing my experiences/trades in this blog in hope of 2 things 1. Better me as a trader. I can come here to look back on trades and relearn/relive past trades. 2. Hope someone comes away learning something from all my experiences. 3. Help a few people from being duped by a pump and dump.


  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for doing this. I am interested in this strategy/art behind a long term "short" on these types of stocks. I hope I am in time for USGT before a Clift shows up.

    On USGT:
    If the promoters paid multiple PR firms to promote this stock (and we know at least $800,000 to one marketing source -at least according to the disclaimer-) how long do you think the pump might last?

    ref: http://www.otcmagic.com/usa-graphite-inc-otc-usgt-on-the-hunt-for-a-graphite-payload

    There seems to be a lot of releases that are even picked up by Yahoo Finance. What sources are you following right now for info? Or to find the promoters?

    Do you keep a list of the names of promoters?

    I bet there are lots of them.

  2. Who is Tim? Plenty of teachers out there you can learn from I dont have the time.

  3. You? You make the posts? The above "About Me" states that this blog is Timothy Sykes'

    However on the main page you, Ivan, seem to be making the posts.

    I'm confused... whoever is contributing to share their thoughts I appreciate it. Lessons can be learned in many ways.

  4. Oh now I see... you are a Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge student. Not Timothy Sykes the person (whoever that is). Sorry my mistake.

  5. what brokers do you use to short penny stocks?